To secure personal success, we must constantly reinvent ourselves. But people don’t like change. And if you don’t like doing something, you’d rather not do it. This is called procrastination, and this happens to everyone; especially if you are already doing great, it is not easy to just leave things behind. Moreover you may still try to do this… on your own, but it will probably cost you a lot of time and effort.

I’ve so often had to change throughout my entire career out of necessity, and most of the time I’ve had to do it on my own as well.  Eventually I was able to realize things, but it would have been so much nicer with an experienced coach as a travel companion on my path of change. Perhaps I would have accomplished much more… in a shorter time and with even more “positive vibes”.

As an ambitious manager, employee, person you too probably will have to go for it on your own as well. And most prabably you may get less time than I have had, because the world is changing faster and faster. An experienced coach as a companion and partner on your journey to success can make a world of difference to you and your future plans!

Are you building your path to success? Then I’m here to help you passionately so that you can achieve that success faster and more effectively. We make your change happen!





In addition to technical support, you sometimes feel the need for  advice on working with people, as our clients do. Our clients use to contact us for management advice mainly in three specific situations: (1) when they get under pressure on a key project. Or (2) when they want more and better teamwork, and (3) when they are faced with important changes, which bring them and their employees into unknown territory. In these situations, advice from an experienced change coach is crucial.

Do you recognize yourself in one of those situations? Then we can help you build the road to success. We make your change happen!





We help our customers through an in-depth analysis, a clear action plan and coaching while implementing the plan. In this way they and their employees can become, be and remain successful. Coaching can be at organizational level, in a team or with an individual employee or manager.

Are you also looking for sustainable success? Is working with people a real challenge for you? Does it make you hesitate in the approach? Then we build a solid plan together and ensure that working with people becomes a real success experience for you.





Our coaching approach takes three steps to success. In step 1 we look for the story behind the situation: ambitions, pressure, obstacles that cause an intervention. Step 2 outlines the future: the values, principles, the recipe and behavioral change that will make success. And in step 3 we work out the plan together.

The approach is modular: after each step you can decide either to continue on your own, or we go “all the way” with you if you prefer. The method thus allows companies of all sizes to call on an experienced change coach. Our coaching is affordable for everyone’s budget.




An experienced change coach is essential in these circumstances. With over 25 years of professional experience, I can share a lot of expertise with you. Overtime I have coached in more than 25 different sectors, so that sector-specific knowledge can also be an important consideration in working with me.

Geographically, projects were realized locally, in my home country, as well as worldwide in several countries. And given the nature of the services, company size does not matter at all: we have solutions for everyone’s budget. I perform services either alone or together with professional partners.



Then we gladly explore how we can help you. Or we start building our first change plan together right away.