A straightforward and clear process


All too often you may find change processes that are a real piece of art through their complexity. We believe simplicity may be a better option for you. We claim our process is clear and straightforward, though fully efficient and effective to really make your change happen: three steps towards success. The process is basically the same regardless our services: consulting activities, coaching, mediation or skills training and e-learning. Only the specific tools being used will differ.



First, we explore how we can help you and why you decided to ask for help:
    • What are your ambitions?
    • What pressure or urgency do you experience?
    • What keeps you from being (more) successful now?
You will be interviewed or surveyed, as well as other stakeholders, who are relevant for your story. Clients report that we seem to get “the story behind the story” better and faster here than average professionals in our field, as we’re used to “digging deeper”. This should increase your chances for success considerably. At the end of this stage you will have a clear view on all key ingredients for a successful change journey.


Now that we have all the key ingredients, we can start building a picture of the desired future state. This is the time to use your imagination and to create positive energy for success. Together we’ll set out the guidelines and principles for making your change happen: 


    • What will be the principles and values that will guide behaviour?
    • How do all the key ingredients fit together?
    • What kind of behaviour will be needed?
    • How about other factors, such as culture?

This is a workshop stage in which we may involve a group of selected stakeholders. We use a wide range of tools, depending on the situation

Clients report that we seem to be more ambitious than average professionals in our field when it comes to setting the scene for future success. Our scenario building provides them with a peace of mind in view of the implementation. 

At the end of this stage you will have a blueprint for making change happen.




Now we shall make change really happen. This is the implementation stage. Things will be elaborated and put into practice. We help you stay in control.

      • Who should be involved?
      • How will people interact?
      • What is required from those who lead change?  What is leadership about at this point?
      • How do you stay in control of things?

    At this stage it is all about action! On our way we may encounter new obstacles however, but your blueprint will show you the way to overcome these and continue your way to success.

      Clients report we go the extra mile in this action stage, fully committed as we are for their success.

        At the end of this stage you are done! You have reached your destination. As our world is in constant change,  enjoy the moment; Every destination is a new starting point for change.