These last couple of months, overwork and its effects are intriguing me. It appears that overwork is a symptom for underlying root causes. Specifically insecurity seems to be underlying the massive overwork people tend to produce.


Why work more?

The question why some people always tend to work more and harder than others is a classic one in the mind of my coaching. Moreover, more work does not guarantee more or better results. And if it does, one can ask the question when people will find time to recover. Research shows that uncertainty and insecurity is an underlying phenomenon that leads people to work harder.

Social norms and expectations are another one: successful people are expected to be busy….. until they die. 


What about efficiency and effectiveness?

People who manage their work in less time with same output are still sometimes seen as “take it easy” mindsets, as lazy, instead of being praised for their efficiency and effectiveness. This will demotivate these people from improving any further; eventually they will conform to the hypocrite company culture of staying longer for the sake of window dressing.


Authentic values will make the real difference 

 Companies and business owners have a mission: to create healthy work spaces where authentic values rule, much more than window dressing. To walk the talk themselves can be a first step. The number of working hours are totally irrelevant, the output and value added by each employee is. And those employees who create that added value after excess of work, need coaching. To help them not to burn themselves. Good work can be done within reasonable time limits. 


How about your company values and habits? Are there any that seem to be a bit fake, a bit too much made for “window dressing”? Then it’s time to get rid if these and to make your company a healthy workplace again. We can help you with this.