“One voice” is another one of those things you often hear when change is around. Democrat or not, managers tend to become autocratic and even in some respect dictatorial. They do not support different opinions and smart workers know what this means: shut up and execute! Not quite the best option to create ownership… 

From one voice to many voices

As change comes in a very unpredictable and uncertain way, it is hardly to believe that people, even smart managers, come away with only one story. One that is created at the very start and seems to be ready to roll out the way they had it in their initial mind. 

Every crticism is killed with words as “loyalty”, “mindset”, “culture”, “personality issues”, “motivation” etc…. Rarely managers really listen to the other story and rarely they learn from it.

We would suggest to keep the minds open with of course the right mindset. Because stories never come from nowhere. there is always a reason people go against your plans. why not try to understand why they do so, instead of blocking them off. 

From brainwashing to brain-feeding 

Moreover, if you encourage people to think with you, they may become the biggest supporter of the change process to come. We should understand that some brains need clear reasoning in order to make that click towards acceptance. The more you try to “wash” thoese brains, the harder they slam the door against your ideas. 

Forcing is not needed if your ideas are sound and well-thought. People will understand them by theirselves and will think them through. You could be surprised that from this thinking process some great extra ideas emerge. As long as they get room to be produced….

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