In search of successful change practices one can learn a lot from those who succeeeded … and those who failed. You definitely want to make sure you don’t miss anything out of best practices and you ant to avoid crucial mistakes as well. This article gives you some food for thought on your road to change that sticks.


Facts and data only

In your pre-analysis of the change plans there is no room for emotions. Ban them for a moment and look at the brutal facts. Use data that are obvious, not the ones that fit your ideas. Ask people who are outsiders to your business about trends and data and use them for your change decisions. So many people were mislead by their own “whishful thinking”. Make sure you won’t be mislead by yours.


Impact is what matters

You want to change your business? then think about the impact you want to generate first. what about stakeholders? Employees, Clients? How will they experience the consequences of what you are planning? Sometimes we get the feeling that the only thing that seems to matter in a change process is the manager’s bonus. if so, you can just forget about the whole thing. the change will not stick. We’re taking about real, serious impact. Else, stay out of the change kitchen!


Capability before execution

Yes indeed, you are looking for people who will execute your plans. and for sure, you may have a roll-out plan. First though work on the structural capability for change in your organisation. Think about how athletes prepare for a big race or contest. Before doing the race, they need to build their capability. you just as well with your organisation should buid capability first. 


Planning, re-planning, re-planning…

Having a plan for execution is essential. This is already a big step for some companies: avoiding the execution-trap and making a sound roadbook for change. After the roadbook is made thugh, the work is not over yet. It has just started! Iterative planning is essential in a change process: no roadbook can define a change process right from the start. New facts and situations will occur and they will force you to review your plans, over and over again. 


These are only four best practices that make you excel in your change endeavours. would you like to know more about other factors for successful change? Get in touch for a free discussion on your change plans and processes. It can make a huge difference on your impact.