This is my review of section 2 of the book HERO Transformation Playbook. To me the most important and valuable section of the book…and the one I liked most.

Transformation design

For Harbott & Mulligan the design and the delivery are the two core parts of the transformation process. Along these two processes we find a number of satellite processes also covered in the book.  The transformation design, the first stage of two, is covered in the second section of the book. The design focuses on outcomes, enterprise maps, targeted analysis, a transformation plan and initiation. I liked this part a lot more than the first part. It is more practical, with very specific tools and templates and also a series of tips for approach.

 This second part is clearly tailored for transformation leaders (and even more so for their direct reports). C-functions will less find their way, as the part is either to specific for the visionairs, and too much in detail for the “time is money” driven ones. You also need to have your mind concentrated, as after a while one gets more easily distracted from the core message.

Sometimes the technicality is pushed to a head; for example, the enterprise map takes quite some explanation in the book in order to be fully disclosed. But overall we did enjoy this part. The reference to external literature when it comes to convincing stakeholders is a bit too brief and is in line with our critical comments on part 1: human aspects of change and transformation receive too little attention and are presented as incidental. And we think that’s a pity.


Templates and tools for large-scale transformation projects

One can download the various templates via the indicated links, which makes you have a battery of tools in less than no time, with each tool being explained in the book. The proposed approach seems to us to be particularly suitable for larger projects. With small-scale projects the risk of administrative overload is real. Very interesting are the case studies that are highlighted throughout the chapter; they invite direct action and make some things more comprehensible; The “recipe” for a strategic meeting with ready-made guidelines is also a useful help for those who want to manage interaction with stakeholders. This 2nd section is where the real value of the HERO method comes visible.