Spring 2020 will make the history books forever. It was an eventful, but also very interesting time. We alternated fright, repression, boredom, powerlessness and so many other emotions. Every day has become a new challenge, now that the economy has suddenly come to a standstill and tries to restart with much hesitation . Who would have thought that an event far from us in China would turn the world and especially “our” personal world upside down? Who could have estimated its impact?

Panta Rhei

And yet … changes happen every day. Small signals suddenly get bigger and some see or feel them earlier than others. The Wuhan story is also the story of our life and our business. We must constantly screen and evaluate our environment. And the winners are those who get the right signals in a timely manner and respond quickly and alertly or even anticipate them.

The Greek philosopher Heracleitos had already fully captured the phenomenon with his “panta rhei” principle. It literally means “everything flows”, in the image of water in a river. Everything is constantly moving and we are part of it. So change just happens, whether we like it or not.

Your and my business will look completely different in the coming years; some things we could have seen coming from afar. But others are a complete surprise. And admittedly: I was also surprised for some things, but it is amazing to see what you will not get settled in 2 months of lockdown if the pressure is there.

Check regularly for upcoming changes

The aftermath of the crisis can also create new dynamics and opportunities for reinventing your business. How fast do you notice change? How quickly do you take action? What opportunities will you seize to reshape your business?  

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